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NOTE: Only download this version if you are using Evernote version GA or newer!

Sample Searches!

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BitQwik is a natural language front-end for Evernote users.

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Unlock the power of Evernote’s rich set of search operators for finding notes with BitQwik!  You can filter search results by the date created or modified, by file type such as PDF files and more, by the tags used or the source application that created the note, and many, many, other useful ways. 

Evernote power users rejoice: the folks at BitQwik have made a search program that’ll bring your abilities to seek out the notes you want more powerful than ever” - SlashGear Review of Bitqwik.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: BitQwik 2.0 has just been released with support for searches that combine AND & OR & NOT search conditions, something you can not do with Evernote alone. Read about this powerful new feature now!  The latest version also has direct support for Nested Tags and Notebook Stacks and an advanced Tag searching and management tool with fuzzy matching technology.

Why don’t more people use Evernote’s powerful search operators?

Because you have to memorize the names and the syntax of the special search operators and that is hard.  For example, suppose you want to search for all your notes that do not have the words “school” or “breakfast” in the title, that you created in March of 2012, and were made with Evernote Hello. You would have to enter the following into the Evernote search box to find them:

-intitle:school -intitle:breakfast
created:20120301T000000 created:20120331T000000



With BitQwik you simply type:

    Show me notes that do not have school or breakfast in the title that I created in March and were made with Evernote Hello

Or any almost other sentence that means the exact same thing! There’s no special commands or syntax, just plain English sentences that state what you want.

BitQwik completely eliminates the learning curve because there is nothing to learn!

How? There is no manual because the manual is already in your brain.  For example, below are some typical queries that you type directly into BitQwik to find your notes:

  • “Show me notes created between March 1st and May 15 that are tagged with robotics, surgical robots, or telepresence”
  • “I want notes sent to me via the E-mail gateway”
  • “Find my encrypted notes that have the words financial data or private in the title but leave out notes I created yesterday”
  • “Give me notes with pictures from Skitch”

You don’t learn how to use BitQwik, you tell it what you want with plain English and it answers you by showing you the notes you are looking for.

What kinds of searches can I do?

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