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BitQwik Version Check

This web page checks your current BitQwik version against the latest and notifies you of any updates.

New users: Use the vertical tabs on the left edge of this form:

  • BitQwik - search your Evernote notes using plain English commands
  • TagHunter - explore your Evernote Tags
  • Error Log - if any errors occur, find them here and report them.

Questions or Comments? Please join on us on this forum thread dedicated to BitQwik discussion.

Version info: The latest version of BitQwik is You are running version (unknown). Please upgrade now

List of most recent major changes

  • Version Fixes problem with dates being off by one day and with spurious “2/29/2013” date errors.
  • Fixed a problem with queries that had an apostrophe in them.
  • Fixed a bug with non-USA date formats that involved the Evernote version detection code.
  • Compatibility with new Evernote public release:
  • Enhanced support for phrases that look for text in a note (E.g. - “notes that have the number 12”, etc.
  • Added Internet connection test upon startup. If none found, local help files are used instead of from the BitQwik web site
  • Enhanced support for resource queries.
  • Fixed a bug concerning mixed logic searches that contained Tags and Notebooks that had a space in them.
  • Added the new REQUIRED search condition type for explicitly telling BitQwik that a search condition must be applied to the entire search query, not just a piece of it.
  • Several fixes were made to the search engine logic module.
  • The popup box that offers to merge search conditions is suppressed when loading Saved Searches.
  • New menu option under Searches called Disable Search Condition Merging allows you to temporarily disable that feature if you need to.
  • Fixed some bugs that were introduced with the resource/file attachment feature (see below) and also fixed a bug concerning source URL searches.
  • Greatly enhanced handling for resource (file attachment) searches. For example, a search for Excel spreadsheets expands transparently to search for the full 8 mime types that all map to an Excel file attachment in an Evernote note!
  • A few upgrades to the phrases that BitQwik understands
  • Several important fixes to the logic of certain searches were made.
  • Support for saving and loading searches (Saved Searches).
  • Fixed bug with queries looking for notes without tag.
  • BitQwik now works with all current Public and Beta versions of Evernote. Same version of BitQwik.  BitQwik adapts automatically to the version of Evernote you have.
  • Support for general keywords in the main search boxYou no longer have to put general keywords in the Include/Exclude keywords boxes.  Just enter them as part of your plain English query (E.g.- “Show me notes that contain the words rabbit hole”).
  • A bug has been fixed so that BitQwik properly accepts phrases like “last 3 weeks”.
  • Dashes are accepted in dates as well as slashes now. For example: 1-1-2012
  • More date bugs eliminated, especially when combining “created” with “updated”.
  • A few more phrasing enhancements to expand BitQwik’s range of queries it understands.
  • Fixed bug with “before” and “after” date phrases.
  • Added warning that loading more than 1000 search results could take a long time.
  • Added mixed logic search progress log that has detailed search timing information and other statistics.
  • Added direct support for nested Tags and Notebook Stacks.
  • Added support for wildcards in Tags (E.g. - “notes tagged with robo*”.
  • Numerous bug fixes related to Tags and Notebook names containing non-alphabetical characters such as “!”, “.”, etc.
  • Added support for the Author field.
  • Fixed a date format display problem for international date users. Fixed a problem with the Go Back and Edit Query button on the Uniform Logic search results screen.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred with date search conditions occurring before a FILTER (“leave out” phrase).  Added support for the phrase “in title”.
  • Fixed tab order on entering search terms in TagHunter.
  • You can now double-click on a row in BitQwik/TagHunter search results to load that Note into Evernote.
  • You can now select/SHIFT-select desired notes from the Uniform Logic search results screen to be opened in Evernote, just like the Mixed Logic screen.
  • Bug fixed that affected resource searches during a uniform logic search (search for PDF files, etc.)
  • TagHunter now has a “most recently used” tag search list for easy reuse of a favorite tag search.
  • Fixed several subtle bugs with mixed logic queries.  Improved understanding of source URL search conditions (E.g. - “Notes from nytimes.com”).
  • Fixed bugs that involved queries that had general keywords elements and also some bugs with processing date fields
  • ADDED MIXED LOGIC SUPPORT for advanced AND/OR Evernote queries!
  • Your user name and password are no longer required! Just log into Evernote
  • Added special support for TODO list searching (GTD, etc.)

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