Welcome New BitQwik User!




Welcome new BitQwik User!

You are seeing this page because you are running BitQwik for the first time.

This guide will get you going with BitQwik in 60 seconds or less!

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Hereís how to do a search in BitQwik

Enter your query in the box that say Enter Query (Click here to see some sample queries):


If you want to build your search incrementally, press the Enter key after entering a query, or enter it as one long sentence and then press the Search button:


When you are ready, press the Search button:


You will see a preview of your search results:


Select the notes you want to view in Evernote and then press the Show Notes In Evernote button.  In a few seconds, longer if you have not started Evernote yet, you will see your search results in the Evernote Windows client:


Thatís it! Thereís no manual or any special commands or instructions because to search you simply type your search queries in plain English. BitQwik does the rest!

IMPORTANT: BitQwik is brand new software and is sure to miss a fair percentage of your queries. Whenever BitQwik doesnít understand what you typed, please use the Report A Bug button to report it. You will find that quite soon a new version of BitQwik will be available that does understand the query you reported:

HOT TIP: View these hot tips to help you get the most out of BitQwik and to make sure you are not missing out on a feature that can really help you search!


If you have any questions please join this forum thread and have fun!

What kinds of searches can I do?

Make sure you sign up for the mailing list or you might miss an important announcement!



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