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Using the Evernote Created date as a Due Date

WARNING: This technique is a power user technique and must be used with care!  It should only be used by people that know what they are doing and probably only those that are already using the Evernote Created date as a Due Date!  Be advised.

If you are an Evernote user that practices the popular time management technique known as Getting Things Done (GTD), please read the following but make sure you understood the warning above.  Also, you should visit Daniel Gold’s web site and download his incredible E-book on using Evernote with Getting Thing Done.  Attorney’s will happy to know there is a similar E-book dedicated to the same subject but with the particular needs of an attorney in mind.


Attorneys can find another E-book dedicated to the GTD and Evernote from an attorney’s perspecitve.

Some GTD practitioners sacrifice the Evernote Created date. When they create notes with TODO items, they manually edit the Created date and change it to the due date or deadline that is appropriate for the todo list items in the note. If you do this, you will no longer be able to find your notes by when you created them because you will have altered that date! However, if managing your Evernote todo lists by date is more important to you, then you can use that technique and get a tremendous boost to your GTD system.

If you adopt this technique you can now do searches like the following with BitQwik:

  • Show me things I got done between Mar 1 and Nov 30
  • Give me a list of tasks that I completed last week
  • Show me tasks that I completed between Mar 1 and Nov 30
  • I want to know what I need to do next week
  • Any task that is past due from yesterday
  • Things that I will need to get done next month
  • Things that I will need to do this week
  • Notes tagged with work that have things that I need to do this week

In other words, you will be able to quickly isolate and identify all your todo items by date and date range.  More importantly, you’ll be able to separate out your completed and unfinished todo items cleanly and easily. Most importantly, you’ll be able to combine your todo list searches and filter them by note Tags, Notebook, attached resources (PDF, photos, etc.), source application, source, and all the other searchable fields! I gave only a tiny example of this above with the last search that combines a tag search for “work” with a TODO items search.

If you adopt this technique, you should find the Treat Created Date as Due Date menu option and check it, as shown in the graphic below.

If you would prefer that this Evernote workaround was unnecessary, contact Evernote technical support and ask them to do the following:

  1. Allow you to edit the hidden SubjectDate field manually
  2. Fix the search facility since it is currently broken for the SubjectDate field

If Evernote made those two changes, I could switch to the SubjectDate field and you would no longer have to mangle the Created field.

That’s it. If you have any questions please join us on the forum thread dedicated to BitQwik questions and comments



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