Do not miss out on these critical BitQwik features!

Quick Note: Pose your queries as requests not as questions. For example, “Show me notes that”. Also, if you list nouns or words, remember to use “and” or “or”. For example, “Notes tagged with red, green, and blue”, not “Notes tagged with red, green, blue”.
  1. Mixed logic support - With BitQwik you can mix AND & OR logic in the same query, something you can not do with Evernote alone. It’s a great feature that’s easy to use but you should read the mixed logic page for some tips on using it.
  2. Nested Tag support - BitQwik can automatically include all the child tags of a nested tag when doing a search.  Just put a ‘+’ sign at the end of the nested tag name and BitQwik knows to expand your query internally to include all the child tags belonging to that tag in your query, including the parent tag. (Or exclude them if that is what your query specifies.)
  3. Notebook Stack support - The same as above for nested tags except you do not need to add a ‘+’ sign.  BitQwik automatically detects Notebook Stacks and includes all the notebooks in the stack in your query. Remember, Notebook Stacks will have a ‘+’ at the end of their name when displayed!
  4. Source Url Sub-string Matching support - Evernote can only match the source URL of a note from the very start. BitQwik can search for sub-strings inside the URL. For example, you could say “Show me notes that I clipped from” or “I want notes with the word example in their URL”, etc.
  5. Multiple Notebook support - Evernote only allows you to include one Notebook name in your query.  BitQwik does not have that restriction.  You can do queries like “Show me notes in my Robotics, Science, or Electronics notebooks.”  You can also exclude notes by the Notebook they’re in. For example “Show me notes I created today. Leave out notes in my Robotics or Science notebooks”.
  6. TagHunter - If you have a lot of Tags you really should take a look at TagHunter (see the TagHunter Tab). It can do group searches for Tags and has fuzzy matching technology that makes exploring and managing your tags a breeze.

That’s it. If you have any questions please join us on the forum thread dedicated to BitQwik questions and comments.