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Nested Tags and Notebook Stacks

BitQwik handles search queries with nested Tags and Notebook Stacks effortlessly!

Evernote has a wonderful feature that allows you to create Tag trees or hierarchies where some tags are children of other tags.  It also has a feature called Notebook Stacks where you can group toghether topically related Notebooks.  Unfortunately, there is no way to tell Evernote during a search that you want all the child Tags of a nested Tag or members of a Notebook Stack to be included in a search.  You have to do that by manually listing each Tag (or each Notebook) that you want searched.

BitQwik fixes that problem.  If you append a plus sign (+) to end of any nested tag, BitQwik knows to include that tag and all tags it is the parent of in your search.  For Notebook Stacks you dont have to do anything at all.  BitQwik recognizes Notebook Stacks in your search queries and automatically includes all the Notebooks in the Stack in your query.  This is all done using simple English sentences like those shown below.  Even better, nested Tags and Notebook Stacks can be combined in queries without restriction, using them freely with date, author, sourceURL, tag, title, source application, and any of the other search conditions.

Heres a detailed example. On my system I have the following nested tags:


Note, the tag names are irrelevant. I'm only using these as an example.

If I do a search like the following:

Show me notes tagged with parent+

By putting a plus sign (+) after the nested tag, BitQwik knows that you want to expand the search to include the Tags:

    parent, child-A, grandchild-A1, grandchild-A2, child-B, grandchild-B1, grandchild-B2.

If you do a search like this:

Show me notes tagged with child-B+

BitQwik knows to expand your search to include the Tags:

    child-B, grandchild-B1, grandchild-B2.

Here's a more complex example

Show me notes tagged with parent+.  Leave out notes tagged with child-B+

This would result in a search results listing that included notes tagged with:

    parent, child-A, grandchild-A1, grandchild-A2

The child tags belonging to the nested tag child-B would be filtered from the search results along with the parent tag child-B because that's what we told it to do. Nested tags can be used freely with any other search condition. For example:

I want notes that are tagged with parent+ that I created last week or have the words football or Monty Python in the title.

Just to be clear. I am not describing the kinds of different searches you can do with BitQwik.  Those plain English sentences above are the actual queries and any equivalent sentence would do the same thing.

To state it simply, BitQwik does all the complex operations above for you with nested tags and other search conditions without you having to worry about any of it or use any complex search operators or syntax.  The only reason I went into the detail I did above was to describe to you the power of BitQwiks internal search engine assistant.

Thats it. If you have any questions please join us on the forum thread dedicated to BitQwik questions and comments.



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