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BitQwik Search Types

BitQwik is a natural language front-end for Evernote Windows users.

Bitqwik gives you access to nearly all of Evernoteís powerful and advanced search filters using plain English commands (location searching is not supported yet but will be soon).  Below are several sample search filters that are all legal queries with BitQwik, grouped by category. Remember, thereís no set syntax or command language.  You just tell BitQwik what you want and BitQwik tells Evernote how to find it for you.  If youíre not sure how to ask it, then just ask!

NOTE: The last example in each set shows that you can combine filters freely any way you want.

Hereís a menu of search examples, click on the one that interests you the most or just browse the whole page:


  • Show me notes that contain the word Evernote.
  • List notes that have the phrase sports scores. Leave out notes that contain the text baseball or hockey.
  • Show notes that contain the phrase financial notes that are tagged with finance but not monetary policy. Leave out notes I created this week.


  • Created 3 days ago
  • Updated last week
  • Created between May 1 and October 15
  • Notes I edited after May 1, 2010 but before November 15, 2011
  • Created last month that are not tagged with volleyball or super sports


  • Notes that have geese in the title
  • Notes that are not titled with the words happy days
  • Notes that have polo, rocket, or famous folk in the title and are encrypted and have the tag marzipan


  • Tagged with corn
  • Notes that are untagged
  • Tagged with corn and food products
  • Created this week and that donít have any tags
  • I want my Skitch notes tagged with violet, red, and flowers but not with blue that I wrote last week


  • Notes from my robotics notebook
  • Notes I changed last week in my psychology notebook that have pictures and are encrypted

Resources (pictures, audio, etc.)

  • Give me notes that have audio
  • Leave out notes that have pictures or that came from Evernote Hello
  • Show me notes with JPG attachments that I added last year and are not tagged with robots or Skype

Source (Application or Data Source)

  • Notes that I made using Skitch
  • My Skitch notes that were E-mailed to me
  • Iím looking for notes from Evernote Food that are not tagged with bacon bits
  • Notes I sent to myself via the Evernote E-mail gateway that I made last month
  • Notes I created in Outlook that do not have photographs and that were modified after last Friday

Source URL

  • Show me notes from
  • Give me notes from the SlashGear web site that are tagged with iPhone that I created last week
  • Notes that have the domain in the URL.  Leave out notes with the word sample in their URL and did not come from Skitch or were E-mailed to me.

Recognition Type (images/audio converted to text)

  • Show me notes that were transcribed for me
  • I want audio notes I dictated yesterday
  • Notes I scanned last week that are encrypted and have the word secret in the title


  • Things I still need to do
  • All my todo items that I created before May 1
  • Outstanding tasks that I need to get done that have pictures and are tagged with robot master and flower pot

To understand the following TODO examples, please see this page on using Getting Things Done (GTD) methods with BitQwik:

  • Show me things I got done between Mar 1 and Nov 30
  • Give me a list of tasks that I completed last week
  • Show me tasks that I completed between Mar 1 and Nov 30
  • I want to know what I need to do next week
  • Any task that is past due from yesterday
  • Things that I will need to get done next month
  • Things that I will need to do this week
  • Notes tagged with work that have things that I need to do this week


  • Notes that are encrypted
  • Notes that with encryption
  • Notes that are encrypted that were scanned yesterday but do not have pictures

ADVANCED EXAMPLES (not for the faint of heart!)

  • Created last month and updated between May 1 and May 15 but are not tagged with bacon bits or bean bags and have the word robot and garage band but not dogs in the title that were made using Microsoft Word
  • Notes that I keep in my robotics notebook that are tagged with marketing or psychology but not filmmaking and have the words rabbit hole in the title but do not have music attachments



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