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Real Quotes from Users about My Software

The best indicator of a software applicationís success is the satisfaction of those who use his software.  Here are several quotes from users of BitQwik, my natural language interface for Evernote:

John Benson said:

Yes, Evernote is powerful, but you first need to learn some complex search grammar terms. BitQwik gives better, easier searches in Evernote using plain English. BitQwik handles searches from the very basic to amazingly complex. The software helps both the new Evernote users and the seasoned power users.

I have been impressed with how quickly the developer (Robert Oschler) responds to user-requests for additional customization. Sometimes the request gets implemented the same day the request arrives. He started with Tag management and quickly expanded into Searches. Several of the searches cannot be accomplished inside Evernote, but can be done with BitQwik.

David Ward:

Evernoteís search is powerful but cumbersome. As such, I donít do many complex searches (and I wrote a book about Evernote!) BitQwik makes search so much easier. And I agree with John Benson about the responsiveness of the developer. Thx, Robert.

Iíve recommended BitQwik to all my subscribers and will feature it in the next edition of my book.

Jose Mora:

Kudos to Robert and BitQwik for offering a solution that brings the power of Evernote to the next level. This fills a major void.


Just a quick line to say Iím a happy Evernote and BitQwik user. As you say itís possible to do very complex searches in Evernote, but despite being a longtime user I havenít been especially creative in searches, mainly because itís easy to make mistakes in long strings of commands unless you refer back to the grammar carefully while creating it. BitQwik definitely makes life much easier.

Tom Goodell:

Robert, many thanks for BitQwik, I was getting close to giving up on Evernote because I couldnít do the searches I wanted. In one of many internet searches for solutions others had found I came across BitQwik, and itís now my constant Evernote assistant.


Iím also a big fan of this tool on Windows 7 office machines. Robert was very quick to react to bug reports & feature requests I sent to him while I was testing the app!

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