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Listing of Articles containing Tips & Tricks for using BitQwik

  1. AND/OR Searches - Shows how easy it is to combine AND & OR in search queries, something you can not do at all with Evernote alone.
  2. Condition Types - Tips for power users #1: Understanding the difference between INCLUDE, REQUIRED, and FILTER search conditions.
  3. First Time Users - This is the web page that is shown to you the first time you run BitQwik. It gives you a fast, simple introduction on using BitQwik.
  4. Hot Tips! - List of the major features in BitQwik that you need to know about so you donít miss out on something critical that could really help you find an important Evernote note.
  5. Nested Tags and Notebook Stack support - Special tips on searching Tags that have child Tags and searching Notebooks in Notebook Stacks.
  6. Thatís it. If you have any questions please join us on the forum thread dedicated to BitQwik questions and comments.



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