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Power Users Tip #1: INCLUDE, REQUIRED & FILTER search condition types

NOTE: This is a tip for power users, those that do deep complex searches with BitQwik.  Most users will never need this knowledge so there is no need for most users to read this.

In BitQwik there are 3 different search condition types:

  1. INCLUDE - These search conditions tell BitQwik what Evernote notes you want to find.
  2. REQUIRED - A REQUIRED search condition is one that all notes must satisfy
  3. FILTER - FILTERs are applied to all notes too except that tell BitQwik what notes to explicitly leave out of your search.

REQUIRED and FILTER conditions apply to the entire query.  The best way to explain the nuances of that statement is with an example.  Below is a graphic showing a search that has 3 INCLUDE conditions and one FILTER. The way this query is currently structured, notes that came from Evernote Food would not have be in my ROBOTICS notebook.  Only notes that are tagged with ROBOTS or SKYPE would have to be in that notebook.  This is because the ROBOTIC notebook condition only applies to the first search condition (tagged with) because they are connected to each other by AND logic, as shown in the logic column in the graphic below. 

Sample Query


Suppose I wanted all notes to have to be members of my ROBOTICS notebook, all I need to do is change that condition to REQUIRED. I do this by right clicking on the Type column for that condition and I can change the Type from INCLUDE to REQUIRED as shown below.


As you can see below, the status has changed to REQUIRED for that condition. Now all notes must be in my ROBOTICS notebook to be included in the search results, including those that came from Evernote Food.


An alternative way to create a REQUIRED search condition is to simply tell BitQwik that in the Enter Query box. For example:

  • “All notes must have the words superhero in the title”
  • “Search results must be tagged with publicity, marketing, or finance”
  • “Every note should be clipped from the”
  • Etc.

Here’s an example below:


FILTERs are specified just as easily.  For example:

  • “Leave out notes that were created last month.”
  • “Discard notes that don’t have the word Hobbit in the title or are encrypted.”

Remember, REQUIRED and FILTER conditions apply to the whole query!

If you have any questions please join this forum thread and have fun!

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